A vast pool of creative thinkers – everyday people with uncommon ideas.

Thoughtly Crew Creative Thinking Agents are, first and foremost, consumers. They are homemakers, writers, realtors, actors, small-business owners, suburban parents and urban singles. They shop at the mega-stores, mom-and-pops and online. While some embrace the latest trends and technologies, others trust family favorites that remain near and dear.  Regardless of their backgrounds, they see no limits as they push the boundaries of consumer derived innovation.

Thoughtly Crew delivers the greatest consumer ideators: creative thinkers, motivated by the challenge of diving headfirst into uncharted waters.

Our agents think on their feet. They are positive, energized and playful while articulating strong and fully realized concepts that impact everyday lives.

The Crew finds inspiration all around them and in knowing their ideas may influence the future of product development and marketing strategies.

Before our agents embark upon your creative quest, they must jump through a few hoops.

Our screening and testing protocol is comprehensive.  While our rigorous testing includes industry standard measures, it is complemented by our own exclusive ideation-creativity instrument. After a screening interview, they take part in ongoing innovation training and problem-solving, peppered in with other fun exercises at our regularly scheduled Creativity Salons.

Creative Thinking Agents fit a variety of demographic profiles that may include baby-boomers, parents, teens, kids, Gen-X, Gen-Y, professionals, white collars and blue collars, blue voters and red voters, experts, academics and culturally diverse populations. While you may seek a particular profile, which we can oblige, our demographically diverse agents are always flexible enough to think outside the stereotype.

Our agents will be an asset to you throughout each step of the innovation process, from fieldwork – assisting with ethnographic-style interviews and immersions, to session work – platform development, positioning and ideation, to writing – copywriting and creating compelling test-ready concepts.

In short, Thoughtly Crew is your best resource for quality creative thinkers that will enhance projects big and small, near and far, from start to finish.



Our salons engender a positive environment leading to limitless possibilities

Our Creative Thinking Agents regularly sharpen their skills through rigorous exercises during Creativity Salons, when we gather to romp through games and mock ideation sessions.  We encourage lateral leaping as we play our way into new cerebral landscapes.  Occasionally we come up with ideas and build concepts for community-based and non-profit groups who need a blast of juicy fresh thought, while at the same time honing our skills.  New recruits tone their creative muscle as they get to know our style, and each other, working alongside veteran idea-finders who coach and coax them.  Clients and facilitators are always welcome at our salons to observe and participate.  Feel free to join us; just give us a holler in advance.


Each of the three founders of Thoughtly Crew has more than 12 years of solid experience in ideation and creative consumer innovation. Though Thoughtly Crew has become their full-time focus, our founders continue to endeavor in many of their passions, avocations and general interests.

Holly Birnbaum is a word wrangler, an urban activist, world-traveling-polyglot-foodie, flip-book-obsessed craft-abuser and tireless collector of ephemera.  Fluent in French, frequents Thailand.

Scott Cheney is a bicycling enthusiast with a reputation as an unflinching film snob, and a dog-loving-Frisbee-flicking-crossword-puzzling poker player newlywed. Fluent in English only, frequents the Dominican Republic.

Gabrielle Sutton is a recovering-antiques-dealer-turned-rockabilly diva, a voracious reader, classic-board-gaming freelance philosopher and always the most pleasantly compulsive hostess with the mostest. Fluent in French and OK with Spanish, frequents Mexico.