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When you seek more than creative consumers and artists…

…If you need to enhance your session plan or client offerings…

Thoughtly Crew is based in Chicago, serving marketers, qualitative researchers, brand strategists and others since 2005.  We supply innovation teams with quality thinkers who are articulate and energetic participants for hourly, all-day and remote ideation sessions and qualitative research work.

In addition to our creative thinkers in Chicago, we maintain pools of Creative Thinking Agents in Los Angeles and New York City.  Our menu of agents, services and artists is growing rapidly across the US and beyond.  Our resources and partnerships will suit your needs in multiple locations already reaching as afar as India, Thailand and Switzerland. 

In addition to our Creative Thinking Agents, we can provide an abundance of additional resources and services that propel qualitative and innovation projects. We play with lots of fun people and groups in the industry.  This is how we roll…


Creative sessions sometimes call for a particular kind of trained brain. Our resources include a distinguished array of experts and professionals: chefs, musicians, psychologists, executives, physicians, high-tech wizards, designers, trend-spotters and more. Their singular experience and perspective can bring a specialized filter to your creative pursuits. You can contract the skills of just one or several qualified specialists to work directly with your own team members to enrich your strategic goals.


The Crew specializes in clearly articulating everything from a foggy notion to a full-blown concept. We provide writing and editing services that go beyond your basic wordsmithery.  Our seasoned writers will help you fully flesh out your concepts, often working intensely with the facilitator and clients immediately following the initial brainstorming session. The results?  Lucid, market-friendly concepts, headlines, taglines, platform and positioning statements and all the color in between – ready for immediate consumer testing.  We create the language and the imagery that leads to packaging, labeling, focus groups, web sites, print and POP collateral, just to name a few. 


Thoughtly Crew’s artists are experts at real-time illustration

Adept at capturing the essence of a concept during the ideation session, our talented artists fully visualize and illustrate a new idea.  After a session, Thoughtly Crew artists can create fully detailed final artwork, bringing the top ideas to life.  Some of the pARTners we can provide include: 

Graphic illustrators
Technical illustrators
3-D computer renderers
Scale modelmakers

Artist Samples

Other pARTners include unique venues ideal for memorable meetings and innovation work, including galleries, performance studios and creative spaces.  Creativity is inspired by a fun, energy-infused environment and we work in some of the most original spaces in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.


With years of experience in a broad range of ideation experiences, we instinctively anticipate your needs as the session unfolds.  In addition to in-session assistance, we also provide concierge services, technography custom-designed supportive services to result in a successful session that feels almost effortless.


Help shed new light through ethnography and immersions, cultural anthropology and one-on-one consumer research. We can help you capture end-user experience and attitudes through home visits and personal interviews.